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The Shoulda test suite (in particular - the tests that test shoulda)

Quick overview:

The test directory contains the following files and subdirectories:

* rails_root - contains the stripped down rails application that the tests run against.  The rails root contains:
** the models, controllers, and views defined under app/
** the sqlite3.rb environment file
** a migration file for each model
** a shoulda initializer that simulates loading the plugin but without relying on vendor/plugins
* fixtures - contain the sample DB data for each model
* functional - controller tests for each of the controllers under rails_root/app
* unit - model tests for each of the models under rails_root/app
* other - tests for the shoulda contexts, should statements, and assertions
* test_helper.rb - responsible for initializing the test environment
** sets the rails_env to sqlite3
** sets the rails_root
** runs all the migrations against the in-memory sqlite3 db
** adds some magic to load the right fixture files

In order to add a new model (or controller) to the test suite:

* add that model to rails_root/app/models
* add a migration for that model
* add a fixture file
* add a test for that file under test/units


* Rails gem installed in the host system
* A working sqlite3 installation.

If you have problems running these tests, please notify the mailing list:

- Tammer Saleh <>