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New Relic + Airbrake for Google Chrome:

Real-time Chrome notifications of errors from your app.


  • Delivers real-time native Chrome notifications of errors and exceptions in your app
  • Requires no passwords - uses your NewRelic and Airbrake API keys
  • Has a cool skull icon

Get the extension here:

Sexy screenshots

Translations available:

  • English
  • 日本語

(Translations needed: am, es, fr, pt)

Full Description:

Track app performance and user happiness for all your web apps in real-time using NewRelic RPM and Airbrake. Now with Heroku… NewRelic RPM is an awesome analytics / monitoring service for server side developers, dev-ops folks, and network engineers, and Airbrake (formerly Hoptoad) from Thoughtbot is a killer way to manage exception notifications for your Rails apps. The problem is that each is only as good as YOU are at watching them all day long, and they can flood your inbox with emails — not cool.

Now, with NewRelic + Airbrake for Google Chrome™, you can get up to the second app performance stats from your API or web application, without leaving Hacker News (or whatever else you're browsing).

This extension uses an HTTPS connection to connect to NewRelic's API and display your apps' performance metrics, and will display real-time Chrome notifications when your application has a production exception. Monitor up to 10 apps at once.

NewRelic RPM can monitor of apps built with Django, Erlang, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rails, Scala, hosted on Apache, Hadoop, MongoDB, MySQL databases, Nginx, Node.js, Unicorn, and Phusion Passenger web application servers.

UPDATE 2012-01-02: Now refactored to reflect Hoptoad's new name, Airbrake.

UPDATE 2011-06-01: Now available in Japanese! Just make sure your default OS language is set to Japanese and everything will work.

UPDATE 2011-05-20: Now supports Heroku NewRelic accounts.

UPDATE 2011-05-05: Now, get real-time error notifications directly within the extension as Chrome notifications. No more cluttered inbox!

UPDATE 2011-03-27: We now display your Apdex score [1] over the extension icon, so you don't even need to click to see your app's status. Sweet!

[1], for measuring user experience

Now accepting new language translations! Spanish, French, German, and Portugese especially welcomed. To add a translation for your language, please see:

Cool features


The Unlicense (aka: public domain)