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The Scalable HTML5+CSS Twitter buttons

by @jm3. See jm3.net/buttons for live demo.

Valid HTML5 markup provided in both Haml and HTML; styles provided in both SASS and CSS.

Why should I use this?

  • Scalable and Retina-ready: Scales to any size, from very small to very large, without pixelation
  • No external dependencies. If Twitter’s servers flake out, your site remains speedy
  • Valid HTML5 + CSS. No need to pollute your page with outdated code.
  • Snowden-safe™: doesn’t track your every move the way Twitter’s buttons do (every time you visit a website with one of Twitter’s tracking buttons on it, they record that you’ve visited that site, whether you know it or not.)

Great! How do I use it?

  • Just grab the code for the default button.
  • Or customize your own:
    • choose a button type: follow, sign in, tweet, other
    • choose a decoration: Larry Bird, or your Twitter avatar
    • choose a size: small, medium, large, or custom