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Tweet Pre-Processing Steps

(note: ordering is significant)

  1. for tweets: start with tweetbackup csv file
  2. strip leading "http://twitter.com/#..." URL format from tweetbackup, retaining the tweet ID #
  3. use SEARCH() and FIND() functions in spreadsheet to detect presence + position of:
    • hashtags
    • mentions
    • replies
    • RTs
    • links
  4. in exported file, replace ,"" with ,"
  5. join multi-line tweets onto a single line (ugh)
  6. strip leading "username: " from tweet text
  7. format dates as YYYY-MM-DD with custom format
  8. format times as 24-hour format with custom format
  9. strip commas + single quotes from tweets (affect tweet length) FIXME: there has to be a way to make R read escaped commas / quotes in strings
  10. pad dates + time + tweet columns with QQ so we can vi replace them faster with quotes

for favorites:

  1. start with the Twitter API's json export
  2. use google refine to pivot into CSV
  3. hack crummy month name abbrevs into zero-padded numbers and add dashes to dates