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Enhanced Blackboard Browser Tester
Description: Blackboard Browser Tester for Release 9 This tool defines a custom portal module which performs a series of diagnostic tests which can help the user and/or a member of the service desk/sys admin resolve common configuration problems.
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Fork of: Blackboard Browser Tester for Release 9
Hosted in:
Originally coded by:
- Malcolm Murray
- Martin Edney
- Eric Harvey
- Timothy Donehower
- Melissa Zucal
- Maria Moreno

Enhancements in this release:
This building block – a Work-In-Progress- is a fork of Durham’s Blackboard Browser Tester b2 written by Malcolm Murray. What I’ve done besides of changing the basic look-and-feel, I customized some of the test elements such as third party components files, and the main layout.

The following tests were added:
- Connection Speed test (jQuery)
- Java Plugin test (Applet)
- Single SignOn test (Shibboleth / Blackboard’s new Auth Framework)
- Integration with a fork of BrowserCheck.js and plugins.js by Shannon Meisenheimer
- Integration with feedback.js project by Niklas von Hertzen (