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module DataMapper
module Generators
class DeviseInstallGenerator < Rails::Generators::Base
def generate_devise_install
invoke 'devise:install'
def inject_data_mapper_content
devise_init_file = File.join(Rails.root, 'config', 'initializers', 'devise.rb')
validations = <<VALIDATIONS
# ==> Validations Library
# dm-devise adds some compatibility methods for either dm-validations or
# Active Model validations. By default, it determines what to load based on
# which library is found (giving preference to dm-validations). You may
# explicitly set this to 'dm-validations' or 'active_model', or false to not
# load any of the validations compatibility code.
# config.data_mapper_validation_lib = nil
inject_into_file devise_init_file, validations, :before => ' # ==> ORM configuration'
data_mapper_options = <<APPLY_SCHEMA
# ==> Apply Schema
# Tells if dm-devise should apply the devise database schema via property
# declarations. You may want to set this to false if working with a legacy
# schema.
# config.apply_schema = true
# ==> dm-validations Default Error Messages
# Messages to use as the default DataMapper validation error messages. The
# messages are updated from those included in dm-validations to be consistent
# with ActiveModel (i.e. with the Devise test expectations) and include
# additional messages that devise uses (:not_found, :already_confirmed,
# :not_locked, and :expired). If set to false, the messages are left as
# defined by the dm-validations gem. See dm-devise.rb for default.
# config.data_mapper_validation_messages = {}
inject_into_file devise_init_file, data_mapper_options, :after => "orm/data_mapper'\n"
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