Ruby library to create Subversion repositories useful for tests
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svn-fixture simplifies creating (or updating) a Subversion repository. It is designed to be used in tests that require a Subversion repo, but can also be used to initialize a repository according to some template. svn-fixture depends on the Subversion Ruby bindings (see below for Installation help).


svn-fixture uses blocks to mimic the structure of the Repository, in the hierarchy: Repository -> Revision -> Directory tree structure with subdirectories and files. For example:

SvnFixture::repo('hello_world') do
  revision(1, 'Create directories',
      :author => 'jmorgan',
      :date => Time.parse('2009-01-01 12:00:00Z')) do
    dir 'app'
    dir 'docs'
    dir 'lib'
  revision 2, 'Add a file' do
    dir 'app' do
      file 'hello.rb' do
        prop 'is_ruby', 'Yes'
        body 'puts "Hello World"'


See spec/svn-fixture/fixtures/hello_world.rb and spec/svn-fixture/integration_spec.rb for a more complete example.

Each Repository is given a name ('hello_world' in the example above), so it can be reopened multiple times. Repository#revision defines a new Revision. It requires a name--but only for informational purposes--and a log message. A Revision also accepts an options Hash including optional :author and :date revision properties.

Within a Revision is a directory tree, specifying only changes in that Revision. See Directory and File classes for details on available methods.

To actually (optionally) create the repository and make the changes and commits specified in the Revision blocks, call Repository#commit. See Repository class for finer tuned control over the create/checkout/commit process.


Install Subversion Swig bindings for Ruby. Some distros have a package for this. In debian: sudo apt-get install libsvn-ruby . See or for more information.

To install the gem:

gem sources -a
sudo gem install jm81-svn-fixture

To require:

gem 'jm81-svn-fixture'
require 'svn-fixture'

Note: This library could work using the svn command line client instead. I use the bindings regularly, so using them makes sense for me. However, if you want to be able to use svn-fixture without installing the bindings, please send an email to jmorgan at morgancreative dot net, and I'll give it a shot.


Copyright (c) 2009 Jared Morgan. See LICENSE for details.