Tutorial and example code for BURLAP (http://burlap.cs.brown.edu)
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Example code for BURLAP (http://burlap.cs.brown.edu)

This repository contains example code for using BURLAP as well as the code for the written tutorials on the website. Versions will track the BURLAP release version for which it is associated (see the pom.xml BURLAP dependency to verify) and we will maintain a branch for each version. The master branch will point to latest release version on Maven central, so the master branch code should work as is without having to manually install BURLAP, but we may also create other branches for later version still in development if you have manually installed a snapshot of BURLAP.

For more information on using BURLAP, see our website at http://burlap.cs.brown.edu. For the BURLAP repository, go to https://github.com/jmacglashan/burlap.