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A starter kit for JavaScript Development Environment
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JavaScript Development Starter

This is a starter kit template for JavaScript Development Environment to be used when starting a new JavaScript-based project from scratch.

Health Check

The following are the current status of all branches of this repository:

Agent Master branch
Continuous Integration Travis CI Build Status
Component Testing AppVeyor Build status
Vulnerability Scans Snyk Known Vulnerabilities


Feature Handled by Importance Manual trigger
Bundling WebPack Scripts and stylesheets clustering npm start -s
Coding standard Babel Code consistency and type-checking
Coding policy ESLint Compliance and quality checks npm run lint
Clustering Cluster Availability and CPU utilization npm run cluster
Remote deployment Now Quick deployment to public cloud npm run deploy-up, npm run deploy-down
Script testing Mocha Unit and integration testing npm start -s, npm test
Tunneling Localtunnel Quick demo over local network npm run share
Vulnerability scan Node Security Vulnerability scan for dependencies npm start -s, npm run security-check

How to setup the Development Environment

  1. Install software applications:

    a. Visual Studio Code - Used as the main IDE for the entire development process. Use the latest version.

    b. NodeJS - Used as the main technology to create and support the JavaScript development. Use the LTS version.

    c. Git - Used as the source control. Use the latest version.

    d. Now (Desktop version) - Used as online deployment medium. Use the latest version.

  2. Install VS Code plugin dependencies:

    a. Launch VS Code Quick Open ( Mac: +P, Windows: CTRL+P )

    b. Install EditorConfig for VS Code by EditorConfig:

     ext install EditorConfig.editorconfig

    c. Install ESLint by Dirk Baeumer:

     ext install dbaeumer.vscode-eslint

    d. Install NPM by egamma:

     ext install eg2.vscode-npm-script

    e. Close or reload VS Code

  3. Clone Git repository:

     git clone
  4. Install template dependencies:

     cd template-jsdevstarter
     npm install
  5. Start demo project

     npm start -s


This repository is a work-in-progress and is not yet open for public contributions.


Acknowledgement to Cory House. He has a wide-range of courses in Pluralsight and this repository was inspired by his Building a JavaScript Development Environment course.

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