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;; I usually have a site_conf.el file for each machine where location specific
;; vars are defined. I've included my-shortcut-alist here as an example
;; Using an alist specifying shortcut=>location
;; Add as many as you want here.
(setq my-shortcuts-alist '(
("dev_seamonkey" . "g:/code/projects/my-projects-pre-change/seamonkey")
("dev_legacy" . "g:/code/projects/my-projects-pre-change/my-projects")
("emacs_conf" . "~/.emacs.d")
;; I only want this function defined if my shortcut alist exists
(if (boundp 'my-shortcuts-alist)
(defun dired-open-shortcut (shortcut)
"Opens a directory referred to by a shortcut in dired"
;; Read the keys of the my-shortcuts-alist
;; Applying the lambda to each list of the alist, which returns that list's car
(completing-read "Choose shortcut: " (mapcar 'car my-shortcuts-alist))))
;; Use the slected shortcut key with assoc to pull out the proper lsit from within the alist
;; Retrieve the cdr of that list, which is the actual location to give to dired
(dired (cdr(assoc shortcut my-shortcuts-alist)))
(message "my-shortcut-alist is not defined")
;;Handy keybinding
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c C-x d") 'dired-open-shortcut)