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TweetPD is an alert service for local emergencies. It listens in on municipal fire, police, and 911 dispatch Twitter accounts, and can let you know if something's wrong in your area. TweetPD currently supports the following alert methods:

  • SMS text message
  • US Mail

That's right! Postal mail. If there's a fire down the street from you, we can immediately dispatch a postard to your residence, and in just a few short business days, you'll know all about the emergency. The future is now!

Technologies used

  1. Flask server
  2. Lob API, for sending postcards
  3. Twilio API, for sending SMS
  4. Tweepy, for listening in on the po-po
  5. Twitter Bootstrap

Note: If you were thinking of actually relying on this for emergency notifications, don't. It's a pet project, and it's not even guaranteed to be running at any particular time.

Photo Credit for the original background image. Yes, changes were made.

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