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Wrapper around Netsuite SuiteTalk Web Services + Restlets
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Make requests to NetSuite Web Services and Restlets


Programmatic use only:

pip install netsuite

With CLI support:

pip install netsuite[cli]



To use the command line utilities you must add a config file with a section in this format:

auth_type = token
account = 123456
consumer_key = 789123
consumer_secret = 456789
token_id = 012345
token_secret = 678901

You can add multiple sections like this. The netsuite section will be read by default, but can be overridden using the -c flag.

The default location that will be read is ~/.config/netsuite.ini. This can overriden with the -p flag.

Append --help to the commands to see full documentation.

restlet - Make requests to restlets

$ echo '{"savedSearchId": 987}' | netsuite restlet 123 -

interact - Interact with web services and/or restlets

$ netsuite interact
Welcome to Netsuite WS client interactive mode
Available vars:
    `ns` - NetSuite client

Example usage:
    results = ns.getList('customer', internalIds=[1337])

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