set of tools to run the Mozilla unittests on the Maemo devices
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A quick maemkit overview

python --testtype=mochitest  <- runs all the mochitests
python --testtype=mochitest --total-clients=3 --test-client=1 <- runs 1/3 of the mochitests

Why Maemkit:

Maemkit is a wrapper around the unittests that Mozilla uses to test Firefox.  Maemkit does
a few things different:

In general for all tests:
 - run a subset of the total directories(chunks) to test to allow multiple maemkits to test in parallel
 - utilize a .cfg config file to reduce command line options and do more
 - allow for smaller log files to preserve memory/disk on small devices

For Mochitest:
 - Run each directory of tests by itself
 - Split larger directories into smaller chunks (as defined in the maemkit.cfg file) as subdirectories

For Chrome:
 - Run each top level directory as a single run

For Reftest/Crashtest:
 - Run each #include from the master manifest as a seperate test chunk
 - Split larger directories into smaller .manifest files to make smaller chunks

For Xpcshell:
 - Run each test as a chunk instead of all tests at once

Configuring Maemkit to run:

The recommmended way to run Maemkit is to configure the .cfg file and just run:
python --testttype=<your test>

The .cfg file will take care of the rest of the options.  Theer are 6 sections in the .cfg file:
 - general
 - mochitest
 - chrome
 - reftest
 - crashtest
 - xpcshell

In general, everything is treated as:
<option> = <string value>
 * NOTE: there are no quotes surround the string value
 * NOTE: if you want a int value such as total-clients, just put the int in and we will treat that as an int

To configure for your environment, you will need to fix the xre-path and appname.

For example, in Firefox if you build a private build and issue a "make package" you will have a .tar.bz2 file.
Take the .tar.bz2 file and put it in a seperate directory (/home/user/myfox) and un tar it.  

If you do this, set these variables:
xre-path = /home/user/myfox/firefox
appname = /home/user/myfox/firefox/firefox
 * NOTE: we are using full paths here, please use full paths instead of relative paths

The xre-path refers to the xulrunner bits path.  This is in the root of the firefox directory structure. 
The appname refers to the executable path of the application you are testing (firefox).  

Now to run a test like mochitest, we need to s et the utility-path, certificate-path, and testroot.

You will have to get mochitest by running a "make package-tests" in the firefox objdir.  If you move this to the same location 
as your firefox (/home/user/myfox) and untar it, you will need to set the variables like this:

utility-path = /home/user/myfox/bin
certificate-cpath = /home/user/myfox/certs
testroot = /home/user/myfox/mochitest

That is it.  For questions, email me at: