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simple spreadsheet and chart for scrum release burndown tracking

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Simple Sprint Burn down Spreadsheet and Chart

This is what I like to track in a development sprint

  • The tasks in the sprint - when they were added and if/when they were completed. This includes tasks that have story points and those that don't.
  • The story points allocated in the sprint and how many were completed
  • The hours allocated to a sprint and how they were used over the time of the sprint

This Numbers template gives me that.

This template doesn't account for budget or for how many developers might be on the sprint because right now I don't need that info.

It does do nice burn down charts, though, and that's all I need to get the temperature of the sprint.


At the start of the project I allocate start and end dates and total hours to each sprint.

After sprint planning I populate the Tasks grid with tasks/stories the team has agreed to do. If the scope of the sprint increases during the sprint I'll add the new tasks with the appropriate date in the date added column.

As tasks are signed-off I'll update the date completed field.

Every day I update the daily hours used in the Completion grid.

I create a new sheet for each sprint

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