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Make date select sticky across pages

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commit d6b67a9e761e094cb9b0b4b80a3f615c6ec8380d 1 parent 7d0f3b0
@jmakeig authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  analytics/index.xqy
2  analytics/index.xqy
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ return
<td class="title"><span>
{attribute data-ua {if($v) then $agent/*[1] else $agent }}
{if($v) then attribute data-v {$agent/*[2]} else () }
- <a href="/?ua={if($v) then $agent/*[1] else $agent}&amp;d=v">{if($v) then string-join($agent/*/text(), " ") else $agent}</a></span></td>
+ <a href="/?ua={if($v) then $agent/*[1] else $agent}&amp;d=v{if($b and $e) then concat('&amp;b=',$b,'&amp;e=',$e) else()}">{if($v) then string-join($agent/*/text(), " ") else $agent}</a></span></td>
<td><div class="sparkline" id="sparkline{xdmp:random()}"></div></td>
<td class="direction"><div></div></td>
<td class="numeric"><span style="width: {xs:float(cts:frequency($agent) div $max-freq) * 100}%" class="bar">{format-number(cts:frequency($agent), "#,###")}</span></td>
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