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This repository contains a document describing the proposed Particle
Stream Data Format (PSDF) for N-Body simulations and associated code
in several different programming languages.  PSDF is optimized for
recording the output of general N-Body simulations that exploit
individual timesteps, and is based on the well-known YAML
( format for representing data.

* The "data-format" directory contains a paper and LaTeX sources
  describing PSDF.

* The "examples" directory contains examples of the use of PSDF in
  various languages; the "examples/data" subdirectory contains some
  sample PSDF streams.  You may be interested in 

  - The C example in "examples/C" demonstrating how to use libyaml to
    parse PSDF into your favorite body structure.

  - The C# example in "examples/Csharp" demonstrates how to use
    yamldotnet and C# to read and write PSDF files.

  - The Fortran example in "examples/Fortran" demonstrating how to use
    the C library to read and write PSDF from Fortran.

  - The Haskell example in "examples/Haskell" demonstrates how to read
    and write PSDF files using Haskell.

  - The Java example in "examples/Java" shows how to use SnakeYAML and
    Java to read and write PSDF files.

  - The Python examples in "examples/Python", which contain several
    routines to generate initial conditions for point-mass simulations
    in PSDF format, various post-processing tools, and a complete
    individual-timestep integrator that uses PSDF based on the Hermite

  - The Ruby examples in "examples/ruby", which contain a PSDF-based
    Open GL viewer, "testplot.rb" that consumes a PSDF stream and
    displays a movie of the corresponding N-Body system.


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