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Lets you build a full module for the Bonfire ( app. Controllers, views, models, language, migration and Javascript files are built very quickly by filling out a single form

  • Includes form validation
  • Retain POST values on page refresh, form is auto populated with POST
  • Show each field error
  • English Language file generated


  • Drop the module into the bonfire/modules folder
  • Edit the config file if required

What now

  • Navigate to the /admin/developer/modulebuilder page
  • Fill in your fields on the form
  • Click Build
  • You will see the list of generated files
  • If generated, rename the Migrations file (adding the correct number) and move it into the db/migrations folder
  • You will need to edit the generated code as required
  • Edit the language file and add your own as required

Configuration modulebuilder/config/modulebuilder.php

 * Output path of the modules
$config[ 'modulebuilder' ]['output_path'] = APPPATH."../modules/";

* array of possible actions in the controller
$config[ 'modulebuilder' ][ 'form_action_options' ] = 'array('index' => 'List', 
													'insert' => 'Insert', 
													'update' => 'Update', 
													'delete' => 'Delete');

 * default primary key field
$config[ 'modulebuilder' ][ 'primary_key_field' ] = 'id';

* html tags used around the form elements
$config[ 'modulebuilder' ][ 'form_input_delimiters' ] = array('<p>','</p>');

* html tags used around the error messages
$config[ 'modulebuilder' ][ 'form_error_delimiters' ] = array('<span class="error">', '</span>');

Acknowledgment: This spark is originally based on Ollie Rattue's project