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Kubernetes on DigitalOcean

This is a Terraform project for deploying Kubernetes on DigitalOcean with node pools management capability.

This project configures your cluster with:

  • The DigitalOcean Cloud Controller Manager (for Load Balancers and Volume support)
  • Secrets Encryption (Optional)
  • Stores Terraform State in DigitalOcean Spaces (see Makefile for Spaces initialization)


The only required variables are digitalocean_token, count, and ssh_key_fingerprints. Review for full listing of available options.

Node Pool Management

To instantiate a new node pool after initial spinup, in 3-kube-node.tf1, define a pool using the node pool module like this:

module "node_pool_green" {
  source = "modules/node_pool"

  kube_token         = "${module.kube_token_1.token}"
  kubernetes_version = "${var.kubernetes_version}"
  pool_label         = "green"
  count          = "${var.count}"
  size           = "${var.primary_size}"
  region           = "${var.region}"
  cluster_name       = "${var.cluster_name}"
  controller_address = "${digitalocean_droplet.k8s_primary.ipv4_address}"
  ssh_key_fingerprints = "${var.ssh_key_fingerprints}"

where the label is green (rather than the initial pool, blue) and then, generate a new kube_token (ensure the module name matches the kube_token field in the spec above, i.e. kube_token_2) by defining this in (or anywhere before the node_pool instantiation):

module "kube_token_2" {
  source = "modules/kube-token"

Generate your new token:

terraform apply -target=module.kube_token_2

On your controller, add your new token, and then apply the new node pool:

terraform apply -target=module.node_pool_green

At which point, you can either destroy the old pool, or taint/evict pods, etc. once this new pool connects.

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