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Educational 2D shooter written for a Java case study.
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Aim To Learn

Game Info

Aim to Learn is an educational shooter that is somewhat modelled after Space Invaders. The player is posed a question from one of our three subjects, and various possible answers fall down from above. The player must shoot the correct answer while avoiding falling answers and avoiding shooting the incorrect answer.

Basic "How to Play"

The player, shown as a ship, is moved with and or the A and D keys. Shots are fired by pressing or the W key.

Technical Information

  • Questions are loaded from a JSON file using Google's GSON library.
  • Each screen is contained within its own JPanel and those are swapped between on-the-fly by using JFrame.setContentPane(...). See
  • The game (currently) runs at 100 updates per second, which runs on a second thread (see This updates whatever is currently being shown on the screen using each screen's tick() method (example).
  • Music is from Megaman, Cirno Fortress Stage 2

Case Study Repository

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