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#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, see
* <>.
#include "guilib/GUIWindow.h"
#include "SettingsControls.h"
#include "GUISettings.h"
#include "utils/Stopwatch.h"
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CBaseSettingControl> BaseSettingControlPtr;
class CGUIWindowSettingsCategory :
public CGUIWindow
virtual ~CGUIWindowSettingsCategory(void);
virtual bool OnMessage(CGUIMessage &message);
virtual bool OnBack(int actionID);
virtual void FrameMove();
virtual void Render();
virtual void DoProcess(unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions);
virtual int GetID() const { return CGUIWindow::GetID() + m_iScreen; };
virtual void OnInitWindow();
void CheckNetworkSettings();
void FillInSubtitleHeights(CSetting *pSetting, CGUISpinControlEx *pControl);
void FillInSubtitleFonts(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInCharSets(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInSkinFonts(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInSoundSkins(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInLanguages(CSetting *pSetting, const std::vector<CStdString> &languages = std::vector<CStdString>(), const std::vector<CStdString> &languageKeys = std::vector<CStdString>());
DisplayMode FillInScreens(CStdString strSetting, RESOLUTION res);
void FillInResolutions(CStdString strSetting, DisplayMode mode, RESOLUTION res, bool UserChange);
void FillInRefreshRates(CStdString strSetting, RESOLUTION res, bool UserChange);
void OnRefreshRateChanged(RESOLUTION resolution);
void FillInRegions(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInStartupWindow(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInViewModes(CSetting *pSetting, int windowID);
void FillInSortMethods(CSetting *pSetting, int windowID);
void FillInEpgGuideView(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInPvrStartLastChannel(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInSkinThemes(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInSkinColors(CSetting *pSetting);
void FillInNetworkInterfaces(CSetting *pSetting, float groupWidth, int &iControlID);
void NetworkInterfaceChanged(void);
void FillInAudioDevices(CSetting* pSetting, bool Passthrough = false);
virtual void SetupControls();
CGUIControl* AddIntBasedSpinControl(CSetting *pSetting, float groupWidth, int &iControlID);
void CreateSettings();
void UpdateSettings();
void CheckForUpdates();
void FreeSettingsControls();
virtual void FreeControls();
virtual void OnClick(BaseSettingControlPtr pSettingControl);
virtual void OnSettingChanged(BaseSettingControlPtr pSettingControl);
CGUIControl* AddSetting(CSetting *pSetting, float width, int &iControlID);
BaseSettingControlPtr GetSetting(const CStdString &strSetting);
void ValidatePortNumber(BaseSettingControlPtr pSettingControl, const CStdString& userPort, const CStdString& privPort, bool listening=true);
std::vector<BaseSettingControlPtr> m_vecSettings;
int m_iSection;
int m_iScreen;
vecSettingsCategory m_vecSections;
CGUISpinControlEx *m_pOriginalSpin;
CGUIRadioButtonControl *m_pOriginalRadioButton;
CGUIButtonControl *m_pOriginalCategoryButton;
CGUIButtonControl *m_pOriginalButton;
CGUIEditControl *m_pOriginalEdit;
CGUIImage *m_pOriginalImage;
CStdString m_strErrorMessage;
CStdString m_strOldTrackFormat;
CStdString m_strOldTrackFormatRight;
std::map<CStdString, CStdString> m_AnalogAudioSinkMap;
std::map<CStdString, CStdString> m_DigitalAudioSinkMap;
std::map<CStdString, CStdString> m_SkinFontSetIDs;
bool m_returningFromSkinLoad; // true if we are returning from loading the skin
boost::shared_ptr<CBaseSettingControl> m_delayedSetting; ///< Current delayed setting \sa CBaseSettingControl::SetDelayed()
CStopWatch m_delayedTimer; ///< Delayed setting timer
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