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This package integrates Git into the SME server. It features:

  • Create & manage centralised git repositories through the server-manager panel.
  • Access rights based on SME server users and groups.
  • Per repository settings for pull and push access control (including support for setting anonymous access).
  • Per repository network access setting for either local only or internet.
  • All repositories accessed over HTTPS for easy remote access through firewalls.
  • Separate name space for Git repositories using git subdomain (i.e. independent of ibays and other resources on the server)
  • Email notification of push operations to all users that have either pull or push access to the repository
  • Web viewing of repositories through gitweb
  • Gravatars support in gitweb
  • Automatic markdown of into README.html and shown in gitweb

Required Packages

  • git - dag repository
  • gitweb - dag repository
  • highlight - See - Can be installed from the epel repositories