PHPlapse is a zend extension that allow analize part of your script execution flow.
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PHPlapse is a zend extension that allow analyze part of your script execution flow. You can use it for understanding how your script works or find a littles mistakes in your code.

Currently the extension is in very alpha state, do not use in production enviroment.

LapseReader in action


Depedencies (Debian flavour):

apt-get install gcc php5 php5-dev


$ git clone <project repo url>
$ cd phplapse/extension
$ phpize
$ ./configure
$ make


make install

Add extension in php.ini

Check installation:

php-config|grep extension-dir

If PHPlapse is correctly installed, you should see the extension when you "ls" the displayed directory.


boolean phplapse_start(); Start the lapse log. string phplapse_stop(); Stop the lapse log and return the lapse index file. Return: Lapse index file path. boolean phplapse_include_path(); Only gather steps from include path scripts.


The phplapse extension generates two files with useful execution information for understand the script flow or for debugging purpose.

The first file with extension .idx contains all lapse steps information and contains references to .dat file.

The .dat file contains context of the every steps.

.idx file format


║ Version ║        dFile          ║      cDate      ║  steps  ║
║ 2 bytes ║       70 bytes        ║    20 bytes     ║ 4 bytes ║

Version: File format version

dFile: File name of dat file. (The same of the idx file with differnt extension)

cDate: Creation date

steps: Analyzed steps


║  Step   ║   Time  ║    tTime    ║   Mem   ║ memPeak ║  Function      ║ Class          ║ cReference  ║
║ 4 bytes ║ 4 bytes ║   4 bytes   ║ 4 bytes ║ 4 bytes ║  20 bytes      ║  20 bytes      ║ 4 bytes     ║

Step: Step number

Time: Time used in step (micro seconds)

tTime: Total lapse time (milli seconds)

Mem: Memory used in step (Kb)

memPeak: Memory peak (kb)

Function: Function executed in step

Class: Class executed in step

cReference: Context byte reference in .dat file.

Note: All numbers are in "Little Endian".

.dat file Format

║ LN1         ║  Full path of file                                   ║
║ LN2         ║  Execueted line in file                              ║
║ LN3 - LN 15 ║  Context of line (5 lines before and 5 line after)   ║

Note: All lines finish with "\n" scape character.

How it works

Between phplapse_start and phplapse_stop functions, the extension record every line executed by php engine. In phplapse domain specific language every line will be enclosed in steps and every step contain some important information about execution context for example memory and time consumed, etc...


class Dog {
        var $name;
        var $age;
        var $owner;

        function __construct($name,$age,$owner) {
                $this->name = $name;
                $this->age = $age;
                $this->owner = $owner;

        function getAge()
                return $this->age;
        function getOwner()
                return ucwords($this->owner);
        function getName()
                return ucwords($this->name);
$myDog = new Dog("Nik",2,"Jordi");
echo $myDog->getName();
echo "\n";
echo $myDog->getAge();
echo "\n";
echo $myDog->getName();
echo "\n";
$test_file = phplapse_stop();
echo "IDX file: $test_file\n";

##Reader application example##

This repository includes too a sample application to read index files. This aplication was made in python an needs urwid libs.


$ sudo apt-get install python-pip
$ pip install urwid
$ LapseReader -i index_file.idx [-p path_of_data_file]