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Provides an emacs auto-complete source for the Dscanner tool
Emacs Lisp
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ac-dscanner provides a source for the emacs auto-complete extension that uses the Dscanner tool.

ac-dscanner currently depends upon two pull requests that have not been merged into the main Dscanner product.


  • auto-complete
  • Dscanner
  • yasnippet (optional)


To use, you will first need to add d-mode to the list of modes supported by auto-complete.

(add-to-list 'ac-modes 'd-mode)

Then add something like the following to your emacs configuration file:

(require 'ac-dscanner)
(defun ac-d-mode-setup ()
  (setq ac-sources (append '(ac-source-dscanner ac-source-yasnippet) ac-sources))
  (global-auto-complete-mode t))
(add-hook 'd-mode-hook 'ac-d-mode-setup)
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