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Make the installation command copy+pastable

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Duke Leto leto authored
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@@ -110,11 +110,11 @@
<h2 class="usecolor0 tight">Distributed DIY Platform</h2>
<br />
- <b>Installation: </b> Run the dev installer found at /installers/php/dev_installer.php — this is a command-line
+ <b>Installation: </b> Run the dev installer found at installers/php/dev_installer.php — this is a command-line
script, so run it like so:
<br /><br />
- php /installers/php/dev_installer.php
+ php ./installers/php/dev_installer.php
<br />
Follow the prompts. If you have any questions, see the README in /installers/php.
@@ -142,4 +142,4 @@ <h2 class="usecolor0 tight">Distributed DIY Platform</h2>
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