A port of Twitter-async for Foursquare. This is a high performance wrapper for Foursquare's OAuth 2 API which provides parallel/asynchronous calls.
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A high performance PHP library for the Foursquare version 2 API

An example usage

Included in the repository are unit tests inside the tests directory as well as an easy to run script names simpleTest.php. You can load simpleTest.php up in a browser and you should see it working.

$foursquare = new EpiFoursquare($clientId, $clientSecret);
// http://developer.foursquare.com/docs/checkins/add.html
$checkin = $foursquare->post('/checkins/add', array(
    'venueId' => '35610', 'broadcast' => 'public'
echo "You've checked in a total of {$checkin->response->checkins->count} times";


There's complete documentation available on Github at https://github.com/jmathai/foursquare-async/wiki..

The authors

Get in touch with the authors if you have suggestions or questions.

Jaisen Mathai