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Issues getting auth URL in centos 5.5 #119

JohnnyGoods opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I just deployed a new project that I had running successfully on OS X to a Centos 5.5 server. Read connections to twitter work just fine, but I am getting an error I can't figure out when I try to get the authentication URL.

I am running the latest version, checked-out from git.

I tried to extend the timeouts with setTimeout(60,60), but that made the attempt apparently hang indefinitely.

This is output of the manager object and exception:

EpiCurlManager Object
[key:EpiCurlManager:private] => Resource id #52
[epiCurl:EpiCurlManager:private] => EpiCurl Object
[mc:EpiCurl:private] => Resource id #51
[msgs:EpiCurl:private] =>
[running:EpiCurl:private] =>
[execStatus:EpiCurl:private] =>
[selectStatus:EpiCurl:private] =>
[sleepIncrement:EpiCurl:private] => 1.1
[requests:EpiCurl:private] => Array
[Resource id #52] => Resource id #52

        [responses:EpiCurl:private] => Array
                [Resource id #52] => Array
                        [data] => 
                        [code] => 0
                        [time] => 0
                        [length] => 0
                        [type] => 
                        [url] =>


        [properties:EpiCurl:private] => Array
                [code] => 2097154
                [time] => 3145731
                [length] => 3145743
                [type] => 1048594
                [url] => 1048577



Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'EpiOAuthException' in /ceylon/prod/app/libraries/epitwitter/EpiOAuth.php:435
Stack trace:
#0 /ceylon/prod/app/libraries/epitwitter/EpiOAuth.php(404): EpiOAuthException::raise(Object(EpiCurlManager), false)
#1 /ceylon/prod/app/libraries/epitwitter/EpiOAuth.php(45): EpiOAuthResponse->__get('oauth_token')
#2 /ceylon/prod/app/controllers/TwitterController.php(31): EpiOAuth->getAuthenticateUrl()
#3 /ceylon/prod/libraries/lithium/core/Object.php(167): app\controllers\TwitterController->login()
#4 /ceylon/prod/libraries/lithium/action/Controller.php(181): lithium\core\Object->invokeMethod('login', Array)
#5 /ceylon/prod/libraries/lithium/util/collection/Filters.php(202): lithium\action{closure}(Object(app\controllers\TwitterController), Array, Object(lithium\util\collection\Filters))
#6 /ceylon/prod/app/controllers/BaseController.php(30): lithium\util\collection\Filters->next(Object(app\controllers\TwitterController), Array, Object(lithium\util\collection\Filters))
#7 /ceylon/prod/libraries/lith in /ceylon/prod/app/libraries/epitwitter/EpiOAuth.php on line 435


Interestingly, I'm using the exact same EpiOAuth and EpiCurl with EpiFoursqaure on the same box, and it is able to get a request token without an issue.


I was having the same problem and commenting those lines fixed the issue.


Thanks, I had the same issue, commeting the lines fix it.

When I used EpiOAuth in http://localhost/project there's no problem. But if I'm working in a local virtual host let's say http://project/ the issue appears, again it's solved commeting the lines 171 and 172 in EpiOAuth.php

Thanks again. Great library!


is these lines 171 and 172?
if(isset($_SERVER ['SERVER_ADDR']) && !empty($_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR']) && $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] != '')

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