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Stopped working with deprecated URL #153

aliceffekt opened this Issue · 16 comments

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It seems twitter made a few changes to their API and the code stopped working. Does anyone know how to make it work with the new URLs ?


The urls are defined here.

Are they incorrect?


Well I've been using your script for a few apps and they all went down, I think even your twitter ticker on your home page went down.

I need to change something to make it work with the API 1.1 I think.

Any ideas ?


@nzurita Pull request :)


@nzurita that reminds me. There's a useApiVersion method.

So $twitter->useApiVersion('1.1') should fix it for you without modifying the source. Though the default should be updated to reflect a working version.


Turns out I was running an old version of this script.
Updating, and running simpleTest.php gives me an error once I entered the keys and tokens.


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'EpiOAuthException' in /nfs/URL/html/inc/twitter/v2/EpiOAuth.php:434 Stack trace: #0 /nfs/URL/html/inc/twitter/v2/EpiOAuth.php(404): EpiOAuthException::raise(Object(EpiCurlManager), false) #1 /nfs/URL/html/inc/twitter/v2/EpiOAuth.php(45): EpiOAuthResponse->get('oauth_token') #2 /nfs/__URL/html/inc/twitter/v2/simpleTest.php(23): EpiOAuth->getAuthenticateUrl() #3 {main} thrown in /nfs/URL/html/inc/twitter/v2/EpiOAuth.php on line 434


The example on your site seems to be down.


Not sure what the issues are at the moment but there are some unit tests failing. Tracking that in issue #154. Most seem to pass though (even with an api version of 1).

I probably won't get to these issues immediately though. If you're able to track anything down on your own then it would definitely help.


I will keep on trying things and keep you posted.


Just wanted to post my findings. I do think that authenticating a new user to use the application no longer works.

However, posting new status updates still works.

I previously had the error of unknown URL. Then after updating the API URL, I had the error about failing to authenticate. Both of these errors were caused because I was using the outdated script.

Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of all required files and follow the advice of @jmathai and @nzurita to update to public $version = '1.1'; in EpiOAuth.php


I also am no longer able to sign up new users, even with the "1.1" changes. Is anyone here able to sign up new users?



Support on this product is terrible
Better to switch to
Works perfectly with 1.1


@bhogoose I've always suggested @abraham's library to anyone who had trouble with mine. But don't complain about free open source software you didn't contribute to or pay for.

To everyone else on this thread. I (unfortunately) don't really have much time to update the library and confirm that it works. Try @abraham's library and possibly write a wrapper that would let you keep your current code working without having to make modifications (since the interfaces differ).

Pull requests are always welcome :).


I'll keep waiting for some updates because I really like to use this library, all my applications use it :)


@woppywush you are better off switching to a different library as @bhogoose mentioned.

I am now using

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