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GetAuthorizeURL is throwing exception #167

syphernl opened this Issue · 4 comments

5 participants

Frank gragland Joel Strellner Jaisen Mathai Bart Claeys

All of a sudden this function is raising an EpiOAuthUnauthorizedException (which is for some reason also a nonexisting class, even though its defined). Has anything changed in the Twitter API that breaks older versions?


I'm having the same issue. Did you figure out what was going on?

Joel Strellner

To fix this, in EpiTwitter.php, change the urls to use https. At least, this is what fixed it for us.

protected $requestTokenUrl= '';
protected $accessTokenUrl = '';
protected $authorizeUrl   = '';
protected $authenticateUrl= '';
protected $apiUrl         = '';
protected $apiVersionedUrl= '';
protected $searchUrl      = '';
Jaisen Mathai

For what it's worth I'm merging in a pull request that should fix these issues. Each time I sit down to get the unit tests to pass I hit the API rate limit and I have to resume later.

Good news is each time I get closer :)

Bart Claeys

@socialping Your suggestions are wrong. From the Twitter website:

"Long ago we deprecated* in favor of* -- move to the correct paths and HTTPs and you'll be fully functional again."

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