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Adding support post status with media #148

wants to merge 6 commits into from

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RWAP commented Jun 7, 2012

Have updated functions in EpiOAuth.php and EpiTwitter.php in line with the suggestion at

Have also added a new test (although I have not been able to test this as yet...)


It doesn`t work


Is this correct ?

RWAP replied Aug 22, 2012

It seems to be correct if you want to use this to update a twitter status with media

Yes but I mean the code syntax, I changed it to

  $params['request']['status'] = urldecode($params['request']['status']);
   curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $params['request']);
   curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $this->buildHttpQueryRaw($params['request']));
RWAP replied Aug 23, 2012

Argh - you are right - I did use that syntax in my own code - I have updated it

RWAP commented Aug 22, 2012

pacomitico - are you sure that you incorporated all of the required changes? These changes have been operating without any problems on my website for the past 3 months

@RWAP RWAP Update EpiOAuth.php
Added curly brackets to correct syntax
RWAP commented Aug 23, 2012

pacomitico - it could have been the typo in EpiOAuth.php which stopped it from working - can you please check?

RWAP commented Aug 23, 2012

See the minor change to EipOAuth.php -

This corrects a typo - it adds some curly braces.

You say 'It doesn't work" - but that is not exactly helpful - in what way - do you get an error message, or do the posts just do nothing?

RWAP commented Aug 23, 2012

Email me via my website (so I can have your email address) and I can then send you a zip file - you will need to compare your own code to see what error you may have made !!

RWAP added some commits Jul 17, 2013
@RWAP RWAP Switched to v1.1 of API - old v1 has been de-activated 61a7a33
@RWAP RWAP Updated to take account of changes to v1.1 API
As suggested by aaronwaldon - changes implemented as the search and media upload endpoints are no longer a separate URI (
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