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Communication Setup


  • Jacob - Manager / Design / Development
  • Hannah - Marketing / Support / Development
  • Christine - Design / Project Manager / Development

Mission Statement

Showing people how they save and spend money so they can save and spend better

Problem Statement

Despite an improving economy, a shocking number of Americans are still unable to save up any of their money in order to increase their savings. The result is Americans being unable to prepare for vital purchases in the future that will potentially enhance and improve their lives, or being unable to cope when unexpected situations arise.

This especially affects low-income households, as they often must live from paycheck to paycheck, which does not allow for the saving of money in order to make larger and more impactful purchases in the future. Even those who are not particularly low-income are having difficulties with saving up enough for their reach purchases, which has much to do with people being unaware of how much they are actually spending on certain areas.

Those who are unable to save money in an attempt to make important purchases in the future will in turn be stuck with what they currently have. Should a vital appliance of theirs cease to function or an emergency occur, they will not only have an extremely difficult time remedying that problem, but also an extremely limited amount of options to do so.