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A tool to easily filter and compare Google Fonts based on their visual characteristics.

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You won't need to understand any font terminology to use this tool because the fonts are categorized visually.

Visual categories are more exact than terminology. For example, the terms “serif” and “sans-serif” are ambiguous because many fonts blend the visual characteristics of both.

Filter the font list with the buttons at the far left. By default, the list shows one font-weight per family, but you can expand the weights for more filters. Star fonts to compare them more easily. Tap the name of any font for more information.

The list includes only fonts that are freely available from Google.

Privacy Policy effective 2017/05/28

This website/tool does not collect, store, transmit, nor share any personally identifiable information. The website/tool uses a Google Analytics cookies to collect, store, and share with the developer anonymous aggregated information about all visitors (but this does not include any personally identifiable information). For example, the Google Analytics cookie allows the developer to see, in aggregate, how many people have visited, how often they visit, actions they took and demographic information.