The official repository for JM Twitter Cards. Easy integration of Twitter cards in WordPress
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JM Twitter Cards

Easy integration of Twitter cards in WordPress. All card types provided.


This is the github version of the official repository for JM Twitter Cards. It's hardly a fork but I'm working on ! I'm trying to improve code structure and I'm adding some cool stuffs.

Want to fork? Please fork the trunk version and not the master version, URL is here :

Important to know

To get this work, use composer :

git clone && cd jm-twitter-cards

If Gutenberg is enabled then run :

npm i && npm run build



  • December 2018
  • handle case where installation is WordPress 5++ but the classic editor plugin or the disable Gutenberg plugin is used


  • December 2018
  • Reorganize deeply the plugin structure
  • css fixes props to tomdxw
  • delete image sizes, actually very bad for disk space and rules have changes in 2018 with Twitter image
  • Gutenberg users will have additional features such as custom modal and preview but also custom title and desc for cards \0/
  • I've added some instructions and advices props to
  • There is a new admin sub page called "tutorials" with video tutorials !


  • June 2018
  • remove bad bad method get_keys()
  • remove preview js so now you'll have to save post as draft or publish to see preview, need to prepare for Gutenberg
  • refactor code
  • fix images sizes never added (don't forget to regenerate thumbnails)
  • remove deprecated code (PHP 7.2)


  • April 2018
  • fix bug wrong ternaries in class options (props @ioneill)
  • fix sanitize metabox card type not taking into account app card


  • Feb 2018
  • fix error in about.php
  • fix warnings in case very first use
  • remove get_keys() cause slow on large site, this feature is useless for now
  • fix incompatibility with NGG (nextgen gallery)


  • Jan 2018
  • multiple js bugfixes especially in preview
  • reorganize + enhance code, this is a major release but it won't break anything, filters are still there
  • add twitter meta image alt
  • add new dropdown menu to select custom meta key (advanced users).


  • 30 Oct 2017
  • fix markup issue that causes setting error
  • fix bug first page not saving options anymore


  • 28 Oct 2017
  • fix admin screens & reported incompatibilities with themes
  • delete crappy localstorage


  • 09 Sept 2017
  • test up to 4.8.1
  • fix load markup according to post types option