DHCP Server/Client for INET/INETManet
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DHCP Server/Client for INET/INETManet

2014-03-26 Juan Carlos Maureira Refactored as an independent omnet++ project removed some "cout" log messages corrected example code checked against INET-2.2.0

2013-08-22 ------ inet-2.2.0 released ------

2013-06-12 Zoltan Bojthe

dhcp: NF_INTERFACE_IPv4CONFIG_CHANGED was fired without interface entry
as argument

2013-04-16 Levente Meszaros

Support for Lifecycle operations.

2013-01-30 ------ inet-2.1.0 released ------

2012-08-07 ------ inet-2.0.0 released ------

2012-06-28 Zoltan Bojthe

Several fixes to the HDCP application. Added support to
work with both ethernet and wirless interfaces.

2012-06-25 ------ inet-1.99.5 released ------

2012-06-11 Rudolf Hornig

Added the DHCP protocol implementation.

Code takeover from INETMANET-2.0.
The original code is coming from https://github.com/jmaureir/DHCP
written by Juan Carlos Maureira that was merged into
INETMANET 2.0 by Alfonso Ariza Quintana