Avoid the microphone volume from getting increased over a configurable maximum value
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Limit Microphone Volume

Very simple tool to prevent programs from increasing the default microphone volume over a configurable maximum value.

Download LimitMicVol.exe x64 version

MD5: 070b1dc73405ebfcee0f55eca2d62749
SHA1: 7951f27489ae10b5ce66c00e2bf10ea0ac7f7cb6
SHA-256: 71fa4da5ed45293e8bcfa08ebba92cfb6c8189e22546b5bd16d12ef4619bb9db


If you have a microphone that gets very loud even with a fairly low volume of 50 or so, you may find yourself yelling at people over Skype or other Webrtc apps because they think your microphone volume should be increased, sometimes for absolutely no reason...

What does this tool do?

It will run in the background and will query the microphone volume every 1.5 seconds; whenever the volume is higher than a specified value, the volume will be reconfigured to the maximum value you have defined in the program's slider in the main window. Double click the task tray icon to reveal the program's window. Any changes made are automatically saved, you can find the configuration file at %APPDATA%\LimitMicVol\config.ini

How to make the program to start automatically at logon?

Download LaunchAtLogon.exe (source code is also part of the project) at the same directory where LimitMicVol.exe is saved and launch it from a command prompt window.

If everything goes well a new task will be added to Task Scheduler to launch LimitMicVol.exe at user logon time.

Download LaunchAtLogon.exe x64 version

MD5: 795fd22e2918608c60bec76563a8eb34
SHA1: 461a97be41621bb225bd232a80e8d9c275af5e7f
SHA256: bbb5a2ffcab740b3eb33f73e65b794d41873ad3f351619c80f22f30d9c9a141b