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* In AR persistence, move state column from class level variables into the StateMachine object for the class
* allowed :to array and :on_transition callback [Kevin Triplett]
* Support enter and exit actions on states
* Use named_scope in AR persistence layer, if available [Jan De Poorter]
* Incremented version number
* Cleaned up aasm_states_for_select to return the value as a string
* Specs and bug fixes for the ActiveRecordPersistence, keeping persistence columns in sync
Allowing for nil values in states for active record
Only set state to default state before_validation_on_create
New rake task to uninstall, build and reinstall the gem (useful for development)
Changed scott's email address to protect it from spambots when publishing rdocs
New non-(!) methods that allow for firing events without persisting [Jeff Dean]
* Added aasm_states_for_select that will return a select friendly collection of states.
* Add some event callbacks, #aasm_event_fired(from, to), and #aasm_event_failed(event)
Based on transition logging suggestion [Artem Vasiliev] and timestamp column suggestion [Mike Ferrier]
* Add #aasm_events_for_state and #aasm_events_for_current_state [Joao Paulo Lins]
* Ensure that a state is written for a new record even if aasm_current_state or
{state}= are never called.
* Fix AR persistence so new records have their state set. [Joao Paulo Lins]
* Make #event! methods return a boolean [Joel Chippindale]