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I've set up this github project to share the code that was written during Riviera.rb's July 2012 Drinkup. It traces the history of our small featureless blog during the live coding session. With commit logs that strive to serve as handouts, so to say. So it's really mostly intended to be browsed as commit diffs. The first commit is the precise result of the scaffolded site template.

The other branches:

  • the live branch is the exact result of what we got to together.
  • the backup branch is the step-by-step fallback (cheat-sheet?) log I rushed into existence during the plane ride the preceding morning.

The way it's done, any edits I'll be making will have a very strong tendency to rewrite history. That's a documented worst practice in git use; I'll get away with it because I'm not really using git for revision control here. Git doesn't really handle metagit; I'll just try and keep track of updates here in the wiki.

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