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Blog post on deploy key generation in Travis Pro.

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+title: Travis Pro Update: Deploy Keys
+layout: post
+created_at: thu jul 27 15:55:26 cest 2012
+permalink: blog/2012-04-02-metrics-monitoring-infrastructure-oh-my
+author: Mathias Meyer
+twitter: roidrage
+As development on Travis Pro, our continuous integration platform for private
+repositories, hums along we thought we'd give you an update on how things are
+going and what kind of new features make their way into it.
+Last week we rolled out a new feature that's pretty much invisible to the user,
+but still important to make Travis Pro more user-friendly: automatic generation
+of deploy keys for private GitHub repositories.
+Why is this important? Private GitHub repositories can only be accessed using an
+SSH key (there's a secret other way to access them, but we don't dare talk about
+it in public). If we only rely on a user's SSH key, that would compromise
+security by allowing access to all his repositories, so we need to add an SSH
+key that's solely for Travis to use.
+Until last week, our fall-back was to use a little script that generates a
+new deploy key for you and generates a .travis.yml file that includes the key
+and instructions on how to manually add it to your GitHub repository.
+We were not happy with the fact that it's more work for people to start using
+Travis Pro and that it could potentially compromise security should a customer
+decide to give an external party only access to a snapshot of the source code
+but not to the repository. Accidentally handing over the deploy key might grant
+unwanted access to the repository.
+So we added a neat feature that automatically generates a deploy key for you and
+adds it to the repository, and only this particular repository. You'll get an
+email from GitHub notifying you of the fact. When we receive a push from a
+repository that doesn't have an SSH key in the .travis.yml or in our system yet,
+we generate one and update the repository configuration on GitHub with the new
+That way we don't break existing projects that still have a .travis.yml
+configured and still allow for you to specify a key in the .travis.yml if you
+need to.
+Curious about Travis Pro? You can still donate to our [Love
+campaign]( to get on the fast track to using it before
+we launch it to the public! If you donated, just hit us up on
+<>, and we'll get you hooked up!

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