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require 'lib/whm'
require 'rake' do |s| = 'whm_xml'
s.version = Whm::VERSION =
s.authors = ["Ivan Storck", "Padraic McGee", "Josh Delsman"]
s.summary = 'Web Host Manager (WHM) XML-API Ruby library'
s.description = 'The whm_xml library provides a Ruby wrapper for the cPanel Web Host Manager (WHM) XML-API' = ''
s.homepage = ''
s.add_dependency('xml-simple', [">= 1.0.12"])
s.add_dependency('activesupport', [">= 2.3.2"])
s.add_dependency('curb', [">= 0.3.2"])
s.add_dependency('validatable', [">= 1.6.7"])
s.has_rdoc = true
s.rdoc_options = ['--main', 'README.rdoc']
s.rdoc_options << '--inline-source' << '--charset=UTF-8'
s.extra_rdoc_files = ['README.rdoc']
#s.files = %w(Rakefile README.rdoc lib/parameters.rb lib/whm/account.rb lib/whm/exceptions.rb lib/whm/server.rb lib/whm.rb spec/account_spec.rb spec/server_spec.rb spec/spec_helper.rb)
s.files = FileList['lib/**/*.rb', '[A-Z]*', 'spec/**/*'].to_a
s.test_files = %w(spec/server_spec.rb)
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