Command-Line Coda is a script that allows you to open files from the command line using Panic's Coda.
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Command-Line Coda

Command-Line Coda is a script for Panic's Coda. It allows you to open files in Coda from the command line.


coda [a list of files or directories you want to open]

coda myfile.txt                   # coda creates files if they don't exist
coda somedir                      # if you specify a directory, coda will open all files in that directory
coda file1.txt file2.txt somedir3 # you can open multiple files


gem install coda

Setting Coda's path

By default, we assume that Coda lives at /Applications/ To override this path, set the CODAPATH variable:

CODAPATH=/User/Applications/ coda test.txt

Put it in your .bash_profile so you don't have to set it each time.

Written by Aditya Bhargava. No warranty is implied, use at your own risk.