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SVG Icon Gallery for "Where Does My Money Go?"

This is a gallery showcasing SVG icons used in Where Does My Money Go? and its cloned sites (e.g. It must be helpful to choice icons when you create an OpenSpending satellite site.

How to build the site?



$ git clone
$ cd openspending-icons/
$ npm install && bower install

Adding icons

An app/icons directory is a place for SVG files. If you want to add SVG icons for your satellite site, create a sub directory like app/icons/

Previewing on a local

$ grunt server

A local HTTP server starts and a browser opens http://localhost:9000 automatically.

Building for a production

$ grunt

A optimized set of files is created in a dist directory. Copy them to your web server.

Deploying to your own GitHub page

If you would like to deploy to your GitHub Page, see