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A full-stack web application built as a project for the Cognizant/General Assembly Software Engineering Career Accelerator program.
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The Brooklyn Museum Collections Browser


A user interface to be built around the Brooklyn Museum's database of collections objects. The interface allows users to browse the collection data across broad categories, as well as perform more fine-grained search queries. Users are be able to mark objects as "favorites" for later viewing, and to view object recommendations based on their favorites.

Tech Stack

  • Java Spring Boot, Netflix Eureka, and Netflix Zuul for microservices architecture.
  • Java Persistence API, Flyway, and Postgres for data management.
  • Firebase for user sign-up and login authorization.
  • React.js for front-end UI/UX.

Install and Testdrive

This project depends upon docker and docker-compose. Make sure you have all of these dependencies installed before you proceed.

  1. Clone this repo to your machine.
  2. In a terminal window, from the top-level project directory run docker-compose up.
  3. In a separate terminal window, navigate to the client-ui directory and run npm install.
  4. Once npm is finished installing, run npm start.
  5. Once all of the containers are up and running (wait a minute or two, especially if this is the first time you've docker'd up), navigate to http://localhost:3000 in your browser and enjoy the app!
  6. When you are finished testdriving the app, in the terminal ctrl + C to stop the docker images, and then run docker-compose down to remove the mounted docker images.


  • Secure sign-up and login with Firebase (although only truly secure if served over HTTPS).
  • Options for browsing and searching the collection's objects.
  • Options to add and remove objects from a persistent list of "user favorites".
  • Detailed views on selected objects, along with high-resolution images.

Login View


Home View


Detail View


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