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Add checkInstalled() method.

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@@ -806,6 +806,20 @@
populate its <code>request</code> attribute with an array
containing the applications.</dd>
+ <dt>DOMRequest checkInstalled(DOMString manifestURL)</dt>
+ <dd>The UA SHOULD return a <a>DOMRequest</a> object and
+ asynchronously check if there is an installed application in the
+ system with a manifest URL matching <i>manifestURL</i>.<br>
+ After the asynchronous operation is done,, the IA SHOULD send a
+ <code>success</code> event to the <a>DOMRequest</a> object and
+ populate its <code>result</code> attribute with the boolean value
+ true if there is an installed application fulfilling the condition,
+ otherwise <code>result</code> should be set to false.</dd>
+ <todo>
+ checkInstalled() could be synchronous. Seems way more convevient.
+ </todo>
<li>What's the real difference between getSelf() and getInstalled()?</li>

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