Chef cookbook for Drone
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Drone cookbook

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Installs Drone, a CI server built on Docker.

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  • Chef 12+


This cookbook is tested against:

  • Ubuntu 15.10
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • CentOS 7.x

...but it might work on other platforms.

If installing and managing docker with this cookbook only version 1.11+ is supported.




Installs the drone server.

Include recipe[drone::default] in your run list.


Fronts drone server with a reverse_proxy using nginx for HTTPS.

Include recipe[drone::reverse_proxy] in your run list.


Installs and sets up the drone worker. For use with Drone <= 0.4

Basically installs docker and exposes the socket over TCP for the Drone server to send builds to.

Include recipe[drone::worker] in your run list.


Installs and sets up the drone agent. For use with Drone >= 0.5

Include recipe[drone::agent] in your run list.


For Drone ENV config settings see:

Attribute Description Type Default
node['drone']['repo'] Docker repo to pull Drone from String 'drone/drone'
node['drone']['version'] Version of Drone String '0.4'
node['drone']['server']['port'] Host port to bind drone to Integer 80
node['drone']['server']['volumes'] Volumes to mount to drone from host Array ['/var/lib/drone:/var/lib/drone', '/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock']
node['drone']['vault']['bag'] Name of vault with secrets String 'vault_drone'. See Vault section below.
node['drone']['config'] Hash of Drone ENV configuration options Hash See Configuration section below.
node['drone']['agent']['config'] Hash of configuration options for Drone Agent Hash See Configuration section below.
node['drone']['disable_repo_activation'] Block ability to activate new repos through reverse proxy. Useful for trying to stop people from using an old Drone env. Boolean false


The configuration in Drone 0.4.0 changed from TOML to BASH RC file.

The minimum required attribute is to set following tokens for your "remote" driver (gitlab, github, etc..)

  • node['drone']['config']['oauth_client']
  • node['drone']['config']['oauth_secret']

See the drone documentations and attributes/default.rb for more options.


For drone::reverse_proxy you need:

Other optional items include:

  • drone_secret
  • drone_github_client
  • drone_github_secret
  • database_config


See attributes/docker.rb for more options.

Note: There is no ability to control docker version on RHEL based platforms.


  • Linting - Rubocop and Foodcritic
  • Spec - ChefSpec
  • Integration - Test Kitchen

Testing requires ChefDK be installed using it's native gems.

gem install docker-api
foodcritic -f any -X spec .
rspec --color --format progress

If you run into issues testing please first remove any additional gems you may have installed into your ChefDK environment. Extra gems can be found and removed at ~/.chefdk/gem.