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Copyright (C) Juan Miguel Cejuela <>
CL-HMM: Simple HMM Library for Common Lisp
Compatibility: ANSI Common Lisp. All OS with a Lisp
implementation. Tested in SBCL 1.017 and Allegro 8.0
Free Express Edition
Dependencies: system
Originally Created: Wed Jul 9 18:18:18 2008 (CEST)
Last Effective Update: Mon Sep 22 13:03:46 2008 (CEST)
- Discrete observation densities
- Exponential state duration densities
- Homogeneous HMMs. First order
- Tied emission parameters
- Finite and infinite HMMs
- Begin state/s modeled in the initial state distribution
- Not explicit begin/end states
- Forward/Backward scaled, Viterbi in log
- Baum-Welch for multiple labeled sequences, with normalized noise
- Alphabet symbols of any kind
- Comparable efficiency to GHMM written in C (1x - 2x slower)
Files Definition:
cl-hmm.asd: System definer
packages: package definer
cl-hmm.lisp: Head archive. Compiler definitions. Constant
definitions. Macro to define hmms. Definition of common
methods for the hmms
utilities: specific utilities for the library
hmm-simple: specification for the hmm type simple (infinite
and finite)
for&back-ward: forward and backward algorithms
viterbi: viterbi algorithms
baum-welch: baum-welch algorithms
alphabets: a set of alphabets recognized by the library
hmm-files: manager of .hmm files
- Followed in code Rabiner's notation. Otherwise properly indicated.
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