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This is a collection of Pagedown plugins to enable support for Markdown Extra syntax. Open demo/demo.html to try it yourself. To run the tests, just open spec/SpecRunner.html in your browser. Or, to run a browser-less test from the command line as travis-ci would, run bundle install followed by bundle exec rake. You'll need Ruby and the rake gem if you use the second method.



First, make sure you have the most recent version of Pagedown (as of Feb 3, 2013), as it adds more powerful hooks that this implementation relies on.

In order to use the extensions, you'll need to include Markdown.Extra.js after the Pagedown sources. Check out the demo for a working example.

// create a pagedown converter - regular and sanitized versions are both supported
var converter = new Markdown.Converter();
// tell the converter to use Markdown Extra
// convert some markdown
var html = converter.makeHtml("| A | B |\n| :-: | :-: |\n| 1 | 2 |");

To use this in Node.js with Pagedown:

var pagedown = require("pagedown");
var converter = new pagedown.Converter();
var pagedownExtra = require("pagedown-extra");

If you're using multiple converters on the same page, you can just call Markdown.Extra.init once for each converter and you're all set.

If you want, you can choose to use only a subset of the extensions currently supported:

Markdown.Extra.init(converter, {extensions: ["tables", "fenced_code_gfm", "def_list"]});

See the Extension/Option Reference below for a complete list.


The following markdown:

| Item      | Value | Qty |
| --------- | -----:|:--: |
| Computer  | $1600 | 5   |
| Phone     |   $12 | 12  |
| Pipe      |    $1 |234  |

will render to something like this depending on how you choose to style it:

Item Value Qty
Computer $1600 5
Phone $12 12
Pipe $1 234

You can also specify a class for the generated tables using Markdown.Extra.init(converter, {table_class: "table table-striped"}) for instance.

Span-level markdown inside of table cells will also be converted.

Fenced Code Blocks

Fenced code blocks are supported à la GitHub. This markdown:

var x = 2;

Will be transformed into:

    <code>var x = 2;</code>

You can specify a syntax highlighter in the options object passed to Markdown.Extra.init, in order to generated html compatible with either google-code-prettify or Highlight.js:

// highlighter can be either `prettify` or `highlight`
Markdown.Extra.init(converter, {highlighter: "prettify"});

If either of those is specified, the language type will be added to the code tag, e.g. <code class="language-javascript">, otherwise you just get the standard <code class="javascript"> as in PHP Markdown Extra. If prettify is specified, <pre> also becomes <pre class="prettyprint">. Otherwise, the markup is the same as what Pagedown produces for regular indented code blocks. For example, when using {highlighter: "prettify"} as shown above, this:

var x = 2;

Would generate the following html:

<pre class="prettyprint">
    <code class="language-javascript">var x = 2;</code>

Definition Lists

Term 1
:   Definition 1

Term 2
:   This definition has a code block.

        code block


  <dt>Term 1</dt>
    Definition 1
  <dt>Term 2</dt>
    This definition has a code block.
    <pre><code>code block</code></pre>

Definitions can contain both inline and block-level markdown.


Here is a footnote[^footnote].

  [^footnote]: Here is the *text* of the **footnote**.


<p>Here is a footnote<a href="#fn:footnote" id="fnref:footnote" title="See footnote" class="footnote">1</a>.</p>

<div class="footnotes">
<li id="fn:footnote">Here is the <em>text</em> of the <strong>footnote</strong>. <a href="#fnref:footnote" title="Return to article" class="reversefootnote"></a></li>

Special Attributes

You can add class and id attributes to headers and gfm fenced code blocks.

``` {#gfm-id .gfm-class}
var foo = bar;

## A Header {#header-id}

### Another One ### {#header-id .hclass}

Underlined  {#what}


SmartyPants extension converts ASCII punctuation characters into "smart" typographic punctuation HTML entities. For example:

Single backticks 'Isn't this fun?' ‘Isn’t this fun?’
Quotes "Isn't this fun?" “Isn’t this fun?”
Dashes This -- is an en-dash and this --- is an em-dash This – is an en-dash and this — is an em-dash


Newlines à la GitHub (without the need of two white spaces):

Roses are red
Violets are blue


<p>Roses are red <br>
Violets are blue</p>


Strikethrough à la GitHub:

~~Mistaken text.~~


<p><del>Mistaken text.</del></p>

Extension / Option Reference

You can enable all of the currently supported extensions with {extensions: "all"}. This is also the default. If specifying multiple extensions, you must provide them as an array. Here is a list of the current and planned options and extensions. I've chosen to use the same naming scheme as the excellent Python Markdown library.

Extension Description
fenced_code_gfm GFM fenced code blocks
tables Pretty tables!
def_list Definition lists
attr_list Special attributes list for headers and fenced code blocks
footnotes Footnotes
smartypants SmartyPants
newlines GFM newlines
strikethrough GFM strikethrough
smart_strong No strong emphasis in the middle of words
abbr Abbreviations
fenced_code PHP Markdown Extra fenced code blocks
Option Description
table_class Class added to all markdown tables. Useful when using frameworks like bootstrap.
highlighter Code highlighter. Must be one of highlight and prettify for now

Italicized extensions are planned, and will be added in roughly the order shown

See PHP Markdown Extra's documentation for a more complete overview of syntax. In situations where it differs from how things are done on GitHub -- alignment of table headers, for instance -- I've chosen compatibility with gfm, which seems to be quickly becoming the most widely used markdown implementation.

Special Characters

Markdown Extra adds two new special characters, | and :, that can be escaped by preceding them with \. Doing so will cause the escaped character to be ignored when determining the extent of code blocks and definition lists.




Markdown Extra Plugins for Pagedown




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