Perl module to create Excel XLSX files.
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    Excel::Writer::XLSX - Create a new file in the Excel 2007+ XLSX format.


    The Excel::Writer::XLSX module can be used to create a new Excel file
    in the 2007+ XLSX format.

    The module supports the following Excel features:

        * Multiple worksheets
        * Strings and numbers
        * Unicode text
        * Cell formatting
        * Formulas
        * Images
        * Charts
        * Autofilters
        * Data validation
        * Conditional formatting
        * Macros
        * Tables
        * Shapes
        * Sparklines
        * Hyperlinks
        * Rich string formats
        * Defined names
        * Grouping/Outlines
        * Cell comments
        * Panes
        * Page set-up and printing options

    Excel::Writer::XLSX uses the same interface as Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.


    To write a string, a formatted string, a number and a formula to
    the first worksheet in an Excel XML spreadsheet called perl.xls:

        use Excel::Writer::XLSX;

        # Create a new Excel workbook
        my $workbook = Excel::Writer::XLSX->new('perl.xlsx');

        # Add a worksheet
        $worksheet = $workbook->add_worksheet();

        #  Add and define a format
        $format = $workbook->add_format(); # Add a format

        # Write a formatted and unformatted string, row and column notation.
        $col = $row = 0;
        $worksheet->write($row, $col, "Hi Excel!", $format);
        $worksheet->write(1,    $col, "Hi Excel!");

        # Write a number and a formula using A1 notation
        $worksheet->write('A3', 1.2345);
        $worksheet->write('A4', '=SIN(PI()/4)');



    Use the standard Unix style installation.

        Unzip and untar the module as follows:

            tar -zxvf Excel-Writer-XLSX-0.98.tar.gz

        The module can be installed using the standard Perl procedure:

            perl Makefile.PL
            make test
            make install    # As sudo/root


    John McNamara (