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Perl module to read Excel binary files
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    Spreadsheet::ParseExcel - Extract information from Excel file.

    This module allows you to extract information from Excel file.

    This module can handle files in Excel95, 97 and 2000 format.

    The module will work on the majority of Windows, UNIX and
    Macintosh platforms.

    This module requires these modules:
        OLE::Storage_Lite      (if you are using FmtJapan, or FmtJapan2)
        Unicode::Map  (if you are using FmtJapan2 or FmtUnicode)
        IO::Scalar    (if PERLIO is not available)
        Spreadsheet::WriteExcel (to use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser)

    The module can be installed using the standard Perl procedure:

        perl Makefile.PL
        make test
        make install    # You may need to be root
        make clean      # or make realclean

      or using or

        cpan Spreadsheet::ParseExcel

    Windows users without a working "make" can get nmake from:

For FmtJapan2
  If you use FmtJapan2, you must do following actions:

  (1) Copy "" included with this distribution to an
      applicatable directry.

  (2) To add "CP932Excel" as map name, append following lines to
      REGISTRY in the Unicode::Map hierarchy
      (changing map directy to applicatable directry):

name:    CP932Excel
src:     $DestUnicode/VENDORS/MICSFT/WINDOWS/CP932.TXT
map:     (which you copied directry)/
# Don't remove this line


    Current maintainer 0.40+: John McNamara

    Maintainer 0.27-0.33: Gabor Szabo

    Original author: Kawai Takanori (Hippo2000)

    Before you report problems, please check the "KNOWN PROBLEMS" section
    in the manual page for Spreadsheet::ParseExcel.

    There is a Google group for discussing and asking questions about

    Bugs can be reported via See the following for instructions:

    Test cases are always welcome.
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