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A CakePHP 1.3 plugin that provides UNIX-like row-level permissions for model data.
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Permissionable Plugin for CakePHP 1.3+

Permissionable provides row level permissions to a CakePHP application that mimic the UNIX filesystem methods by providing owner, group and other permission levels.


  • checkout the code $ cd /path/to/your/app/plugins && git clone git://
  • create needed schema $ cake schema create Permissionable.permission
  • add the component to needed controllers (or AppController) public $components = array('Permissionable.Permissionable');
  • modify permissionable/controllers/components/permissionable.php to set user_id, primary group_id and secondary group_ids, so Permissionable knows who the logged in user is
  • add the behavior to needed models (or AppModel) public $actsAs = array('Permissionable.Permissionable' => array('defaultBits'=>480));


Further documentation including additional ways of configuring Permissionable can be found here and here.

Reporting issues

If you have any issues with Permissionable please open a ticket on the github issue tracker


If you'd like to contribute to Permissionable, feel free to fork the project and submit patches!

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