Pony power for working with Django projects.
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Pony power for working with Django projects in Vim.

Pony powered


For those using pathogen, simply copy/clone the entire repo in your ~/.vim/bundle.

Otherwise, copy plugin/pony.vim to your ~/.vim/plugin folder.

Jump commands

Some basic commands are available to jump to commonly used files in Django:

  • Dadmin: admin.py
  • Dmodels: models.py
  • Dsettings: settings.py
  • Dtests: tests.py
  • Durls: urls.py
  • Dviews: views.py

All these jump commands take an optional "app" argument, and will jump accordingly to the file in that app. Defaults to the current directory.

Example :

:Dviews app " opens app/views.py
:Dmodels " opens app/models.py

Managing commands

The manage.py utility script is available via :Dmanage. Note that any command involving the manage.py utility must be run from that directory.

Shortcuts are available for a few common manage.py commands:

  • Drunserver : manage.py runserver
  • Dsyncdb : manage.py syncdb
  • Dshell : manage.py shell
  • Ddbshell : manage.py dbshell

Tip: I use :Dr for runserver, :Dsy for syncdb and :Dsh for shell.


g:pony_prefix           prefix to all Pony's commands (default: "D")
g:pony_display_colors   flag indicating if the manage.py should output colors (default: 1)
g:pony_manage_filename  filename of the manage.py script (default: manage.py)
g:pony_python_cmd       exact command to run on the manage.py script (default: python)