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Ruby wrapper for the CityGrid (CitySearch) API

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Why I Forked Citygrid

To support their version 2 api.

You can not run version 1 and 2 gems at the same time. Why? Well their documentation says their V1 API will be depreciated at some point in time.


This is a Ruby wrapper for the CityGrid API.


As a gem:

sudo gem install citygrid

As a plugin (in your Rails directory:

script/plugin install git://

Get a Citygrid API key

Sign up for a CityGrid API key:


Instantiate a client

>> citygrid = => 'your_api_key')

or configure once

>> Citygrid.configure do |config|
>>   config.api_key = 'your_api_key'
>> end
>> citygrid =


>> spot = citygrid.search_locations(:what => "roots coffee", :where => "76180", :rpp => 1)
=> "Roots Coffeehouse"

>> profile = citygrid.profile(:listing_id => '613027480', :client_ip => 'any_client_ip')
>> profile.locations.location.categories
=> <#Hashie::Mash category=<#Hashie::Mash name="Coffeehouses" nameid="1726" parent="Restaurants" parentid="1722">>

You can search for locations and events, get reviews, and get business profiles.


Contact me if you have any suggestions and feel free to fork it!

Copyright (c) 2009 Johnny Khai Nguyen, released under the MIT license

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